Hong Kong Rope Rescue Association Level 3 Instructor (HKRRA-0001)
International Technical Rescue Association Level 3 Coach and Assessor (#14194) ( First in Asian)
CMC Rescue School Instructor ( First in Asian)
CTOMS TRACE SYSTEMS Coach ( First in Asian)
American Society of Rope Technicians (SPRAT) Class II Dual Rope Rope Technician
TCIC Rope Rescue Course
Australian S.A.R. TRACE SYSTEM certificate
Australian S.A.R. Rescue Tripod Certificate
China Hong Kong Mountaineering  and Climbing Union Ropes Instructor (HKMU-0777)
Challenge Course Association of Hong Kong Abseiling Associate Instructor (Level 1) (A-7194)
Challenge Course Association of Hong Kong High Event Challenge Associate Instructor (Level 1 ) (A-7194)
Hong Kong Ropes Union Level 1 Instructor (I-10118)
Hong Kong Rope Union Rope Rescue (Individual) Certificate
Hong Kong Canyon Challenge Association Canyon Challenge Training (Level 3)
American Canyon  Association Canyon Challenge Training (Level 2)
AiRAS  Rope Technician Certificate (Single Rope)
AiRAS  Rope Technician Certificate (Double Rope)
Intermediate-level aerial rope work safety education and training certificate from the Taipei City Labor Inspection Office
HA Emergency Training Centre High Angle First Aid Operator Certificate
HA Emergency Training Centre Wilderness First Aid
Hong Kong St John Ambulance Society Adult First Aid Certificate
Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Society Pre-hospital Trauma Life Rescue Certificate
Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Society Automated External Defibrillation Certificate
Hong Kong Fire Department Heart Saver

Rigging Lab Certificate (online learning)

Rigging Lab Certificate (online learning)
Advanced Rigging Physics 1- Vectors & Mechanical Advantage
Advanced Rigging Physics 2 - Equipment
Advanced Rigging Physics 3 - Friction
Arbor - Work At Height
Arbor & Tree Climbing Basics
Basic Litter Handling
Belay Systems
Canyoneering - Anchors & Rigging Systems
Cave Rescue (Small Party Assisted) Single Rope Pickoffs
Edge Safety in Search and Rescue
Conversations in Rigging
Elements of Rigging
Elevated Anchor Systems
Force Multipliers
Foundations & Concepts of SlacklineRigging 1- More Than Just an Introduction
Foundations & Concepts of SlacklineRigging 2 - Tricklines& Longlining
Foundations & Concepts of SlacklineRigging 3 - Highlining
Gin Poles with Tom Wood & Vertical Rescue Solutions
Highline Sections with Tom Wood & Vertical Rescue Solutions
Horizontal Rigging 1 - Single TracklineHighlines
Horizontal Rigging 2 - Twin Bundle  Dual TracklineHighlines
Horizontal Rigging 3 - Major Taglines  2 Rope Offsets
Horizontal Systems
Horizontal Rigging: Highlines, Taglines & Offsets

Harken Riggers & LokHeadWinch Mini-Course
Introduction to Two Tension Rope Systems with ArticialHigh
Industrial Rescue After a Fall - TowerPack™ Rescue Solution by PM
Introduction to the Harken Riggers Winch
Knot Craft
Knots, Bends & Hitches
Litter Operations
Mainline Systems
Mechanical Advantage Theory
Personal Skills
Rescue & Rigging Field Guide Serie- Awareness
Rescue & Rigging Field Guide Series - Operations
Rescue & Rigging Field Guide Series - Technician
Rigging Physics II with Pat Rhodes
Smooth & Simple Rigging - Anchoring
Smooth & Simple Rigging - Twin Highline
The Rope Access Project - SPRAT Certification Primer Level 1
The Rope Access Project - SPRAT Certification Primer Level 2
The Rope Access Project - SPRAT Certification Primer Level 3
Tower Rescue for Emergency Responders
Tower Rescue for Tower Workers
Tower Rescue Technician
Traditional & Removable Bolt Placement with Martin Barnett & Trask Bradbury
A Guide to ArticialHigh Directionals& Two Tension Rope Systems
The Cornerstone: Knowledge & Perception
Search and Rescue Advanced ArticialHigh Directional Skill Set Demonstration

CMC Field Guide (Chinese) 5th Version
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