Adventure Activities Technical & Rescue Course

Adventure Activities Technical & Rescue Course

This program are combine Rappel, Single-rope technique(SRT) , Canyoneering and Mountaineering rope technical , the class are design for beginner to expert. We will introduce the newest efficacy technical and using gear multifunctional , after the course ,you can do your adventure and leading activities rope program more safer.


  • Knots
  • Different PPE introduce
  • Lightweight rope
  • Communication
  • Belay by top rope, bottom and self-belay
  • Rappel with figure 8, auto-lock, canyoning and ATC device
  • Tradition & modern rope ascent
  • Passing knot when ascent and descent
  • Basic Anchor Setting for multi condition
  • Rappel position on rock and canyon
  • Guiding Rappel
  • Break in system
  • Contingencies/Rescue anchor
  • Pickoff Rescue
  • Retrievable rigging
  • Multi-Pitch rappel
  • Tandem rappel


Student Requirements:

  • Have Own Personal Protection Equipment*
    *You MUST prepare your own helmet, seat harness , gloves
    (Helmet need to meet EN 12492 / EN 397; Harness need to meet EN12277)

Date Of Course          :  6 days (Day 6 are depend on schedule)
Languages                  : Cantonese (For English ONLY ACCEPT PRIVATE CLASS)
Attendance                 : 100%
Price                             : $4,200
Certificate.                  : Hong Kong Rope Rescue Association Certificate